G&E Karamolegos S.A. Group of Hotels started its successful operation in 1972 in Kamari Santorini. The first hotel was the 3 star Kamari Beach Hotel the first actually opened in those times on the island. There was neither an airport nor a proper port then and the idea of being involved in tourism seemed at least risky. It proved not a long time after, that it was indeed a bright concept and Karamolegos family proved to be pioneers in this field. 

For 15 years it had been a family business run by Mr. George Karamolegos and the rest of our family. However in 1987 our prospects and potentials driven us to transform the company to a societe anonyme (SA). Expansion was inevitable in the following years as tourism became steadily the most promising industry.

Rose Bay Hotel founded in 1995 a stylish 4 star hotel also located in Kamari was the next project and soon after that Xenones Filotera in Imerovigli a complex of 18 villas with splendid caldera view and serene atmosphere. The latest and most promising project ready to begin its operation in the year 2005 is the Majestic Hotel. A de lux lodgement in Fira overlooking the Caldera and the Aegean Archipelago. We must admit that we have been extremely proud of the Majestic Hotel due to the fact that it fills a gap in the tourist market of the island. Although there is a number of other luxurious lodgements of the type of villas or apartments there is no such hotel complex in Santorini.

Setting further goals is always a matter of our best interest. We strive to create an infrastructure such as to offer all the types of accommodation requested nowadays and to provide integrated services to our guests. It has been essential to build a management both flexible and qualified in order to achieve the above. With their help and the constant family care we have succeeded to remain pioneers.

It is very important that G&E Karamolegos SA Group of Hotels remains focused in hotels and has been constantly improving both its facilities and services. We have gained a great deal of knowledge and we implemented it in our effort to satisfy the market we work with showing always responsibility and concern.