The Cyclades
The Cyclades, is a group of islands scattered over an area of approximately 8000 square kilometers in the blue Aegean. Far to the west we find Antimilos, to t... read more >>
The Ifestia festival
The "Ifestia" festival (Volcanoes) is organized every August in Santorini, and it involves the representation of the eruption of the volcano. Thousands of fir... read more >>
Best time to visit Santorini
The fierce volcanic landscape of Santorini offers to the visitor an amazing and relaxing experience. During the tranquil hours of the sunset, when the sun div... read more >>
Cycling in Santorini

Santorini is an amazing place for cyclists, since it has such an amazing weather all year long. There are many routes you can choose from, with short or lo... read more >>

About Fira
Fira is the beautiful capital of the island, built 260m above sea level. The white houses in combination with the majestic view is the trademark of Santorini.... read more >>
Santorini wines
One of the best products that Santorini produces is wine. The rich, volcanic, minerally soil of Santorini, and the high altitude of the mountainous island is ... read more >>
Santorini products
Santorini has to offer various unique and very tasty products. Because of the rich in volcanic ash soil, and its micro climate, everything that grows on Santo... read more >>
About Oia
Oia is one of the most picturesque settlements of Santorini, situated in a prime location on the northwest side of Santorini, just 11 kilometers from Fira. Oi... read more >>
Santorini Nightlife
Santorini has a very vibrant nightlife, and Fira is the starting point and center of most of the happenings. In the small streets of Fira, you will find many ... read more >>
Santorini Museums
Santorini is a very beautiful island that has many things to offer to the visitor. The island has a long history, represented by the many artifacts displayed ... read more >>
Red Beach
The red beach is located in the south part of the island, and it took its name from the predominant red color of the imposing cliffs that are surrounding it. ... read more >>
Perivolos beach
The beautiful beach of Perivolos is located at the southeastern part of the island of Santorini between Perissa and Agios Georgios, and it is easily accessibl... read more >>
Donkeys in Santorini
Donkeys and mules have played an important role in the history of the island of Santorini. They have been used as means to transport people and goods, especia... read more >>
Hiking in Santorini
The beautiful landscape of Santorini, has several hiking routes to explore.

The most popular route is the one that takes you from Fira to Oia. ... read more >>
Santorini Cave houses
The distinctive volcanic soil of Santorini, and the vertical rocks of the caldera, contributed to the special architecture of Santorini. The most unique kind ... read more >>
Vlychada beach
Vlychada beach is located in the southern part of the island, 13 km from Fira, next to St. George. Vlychada is a small fishing village with several small tave... read more >>
Ammoudi is a small picturesque harbor situated right below Oia. You can get there by walking down the 200 stairs from Oia, either on foot or by enjoying a rid... read more >>
Akrotiri lighthouse
The Akrotiri lighthouse is located in the southwest of the island, outside the village of Akrotiri and in altitude of 58 meters above... read more >>
Thirasia is the second largest island of the Santorini group of islands, located at about one mile west of Thira. The ships have frequent connection to the sm... read more >>
Santorini cable car
Most cruise ships that arrive to Santorini, put down anchor at the old port and not the main port of Athinios. At the old port you can find Duty-free stores, ... read more >>
Transportation in Santorini
Fira, the capital of Santorini, serves as the central hub for transportation around the island. All the buses start and end their routes at the central square... read more >>
Perissa beach
Perissa is located between Kamari and Perivolos and its part of the black sand beach of Santorini. With its crystal clear waters, the fully organized Perissa ... read more >>
Flying to Santorini
Τhe airport of Santorini, is located near Kamari, and serves regular flights from Athens and Thessaloniki by Olympic Airways and Aegean Airlines as well as ch... read more >>
Kamari Beach Hotel - 40th anniversary
As strange as it may seem, the tourism industry in Santorini has a history of not more than few decades. The first "tourists" were a few well educated visitor... read more >>